Owlcast 20 - with Pinelopi Dimitroula

Episode 20 February 18, 2022 00:28:59
Owlcast 20 - with Pinelopi Dimitroula
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 20 - with Pinelopi Dimitroula

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The demanding journey of a student through primary and secondary education in the 21st century bears very few similarities with that of previous generations, where the major objectives involved little more than literacy and quantitative skills. Critical thinking, art and media literacy, integration of computing and Artificial Intelligence along with cultural and social engagement were topics far from the norm in most schools. International education by nature has evolved into a much more holistic provider of life skills that global citizens must attain to have a better than a good chance to make it in the 21st century. When the discussion also involves the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, then we know for sure that students go beyond the traditional school framework, and have started thinking of the big picture.

In order for a school to provide such a non-traditional, outside-the-beaten path education experience, it needs to introduce new mentalities, especially at the Elementary school level. Teachers must be open to new mindsets and skill sets that are required to engage and inspire children that mature faster and faster.

With us today is Pinelopi Dimitroula, a 5th-grade teacher, who engages in the discussion of what this experience is currently in the ACS Athens Elementary. With an MBA degree from Pace University and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities from Touro University, New York, Ms. Dimitroula has a wide perspective on what Education should be about.

With Ms. Dimitroula, today we discuss:

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