Owlcast 31 - Class of 2022 • Part A (Student Edition)

Episode 31 June 17, 2022 00:22:03
Owlcast 31 - Class of 2022 • Part A (Student Edition)
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 31 - Class of 2022 • Part A (Student Edition)

Jun 17 2022 | 00:22:03


Show Notes

The one with Daphne and Yi-Rui

The Graduating Class of 2022 is by now a part of the ACS Athens annals, an integral page of the school's 77 year-long proud history in American and international education. Each year, students and their teachers, parents and extended family, along with the entire community of ACS Athens celebrate not just the completion of a circle that for some is as long as 14 years, for others maybe one or two years, but also to signify the landmark in the life of so many adolescents breaking through to adulthood as they enter college life, and are able for the first time to provide advice to their younger peers, as until today they were on the receiving end of that advice.

In a 3-part series about the Class of 2022, we are talking to 7 unique individuals, 7 graduates with remarkably different backgrounds, different school experiences and plans for the future. Unique personalities and approaches to life are evident through this candid, unscripted discussion.

In part 1 of the series, here's Daphne and Yi-Rui, who joined the school at different ages and with different expectations.

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Owlcast 37 - with Effie Karatopouzi

We have with us today Effie Karatopouzi, who began working at ACS Athens in 2016 as a Physical Education Teacher in the Elementary School and has undertaken different posts in the Athletic Department in all three schools and in ACS Athens Summer Camp. In 2017, she piloted a mindfulness program called Mind Body Soul (MBS) for students in Junior Kindergarten classes, which will continue to run this year. The MBS Program is also continuing in a very positive way in all classes in Elementary school. She presented her research findings about this pilot program at the International Mindfulness Convention, held in Slovenia. She has offered her services voluntarily to the Youth to Youth Program at ACS Athens. She has also presented a workshop on mindfulness strategies to use in the physical education classroom at the ECIS Physical Education Conference in Barcelona. With Efi Karatopouzi today we discuss: Spreading the seeds of Wellness in the children Physical education as a unifying force among international students Approaching students in the spectrum through Physical Education Controlling emotions as a goal of cognitive therapy based on mindfulness PE during the COVID years Using Wellness keys to unlock a better life The creativity needed to do meaningful PE online Playing the search and rescue game as a way to increase involvement in the school’s vision ...


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Owlcast 39 - College Edition - Warwick U.

More than 30 colleges every year, from the US, Canada, the UK and Europe, but also from around the world enter our classrooms, talk to our students and go much beyond a marketing pitch to prospective students. They see how ACS Athens students get prepared, not only academically but also socially and psychologically, for College life. It’s one thing to write a college essay, it’s quite another talking to the recruitment officer who at the end might be part of the admission decision of your application. And students really enjoy that, especially since they get to ask the questions.  Today, our guest is Dr. Stephen Soanes, Student Recruitment Officer of Warwick University. Representing one of the top 10 ranked UK schools, Dr. Soanes talks about why students choose to study at Warwick U. in field like Business Management, Economics, and Media, Film and Creative Writing.  He holds a BA, a Master and a Ph.D. in History from Warwick University, and he has represented the school since 2014. With Dr. Soanes today we discuss: Representing a university that is not set in stone… quite literally - making it easier to create new spaces Dissecting the university rankings with a forensic eye Hosting the largest student-led economic summit in Europe Studying in a university with open options Getting involved in undergraduate research Going above and beyond: it’s When you know that a student is a perfect candidate for the university Getting involved with student life, clubs, and sports The importance of taking the initiative to seek support as a freshman Offering 250 scholarships for EU students: the positive side effect of Brexit   Dr. Soanes’ 2 ...


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Owlcast 34 - Dr. Pelonis launches the new season

In the first season of the Owlcast, we talked with more than 40 individuals from the school community, teachers, alums, visitors, and of course students, discussing what makes life at ACS Athens exciting, rewarding, and most of all, memorable. Our “unofficial” motto is “never a dull day.” This was reflected in all our episodes, which are accessible through all the major podcast platforms and under the News and Productions section of our website. Last year, we discovered that everyone in our community has a lot to say, what inspires them and what they aspire to do in the year and years to come. In the new season of the Owlcast, we will bring to you more faculty and student stories from the Life @ ACS Athens, but also stories from Colleges visiting our campus every year, parent stories, and much more! We kick off this year’s Owlcast with the President of ACS Athens, Dr. Peggy Pelonis, who steers the school through the post-COVID era, that is full of the teachings of online learning, community building and meaningful engagement benefitting everyone   With Dr. Pelonis, we discuss: this year’s vision for the school her Friday reflection note to the community how can a 2nd grader be inspired to be a Conscious Global Citizen and of course, who is the Hero in the story of ACS Athens ...