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The official ACS Athens podcast, telling the story of the American Community Schools of Athens. Host: John Papadakis Produced by: ACS Athens Media Studio

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  1. Owlcast 17 - with Helen Seretis & Michael Januzzi

    How does communication for Congressional campaigns prepare someone to advise students to write more effectively How does the Capstone Project combine with the Sustainable Development Goals? Does Connecting with the students promote learning? Welcome to today's episode of the Owlcast. We have with us Helen Seretis and Michael Januzzi who are in charge ...


  2. Owlcast 16 - with Sophia Tsinakis

    What kind of epiphany does someone experience before becoming a teacher? How does an optician, from adjusting frames ends up adjusting brains? Why it's important to have a balanced literacy classroom? The answers to these profound questions we attempt to find today with Sophia Tsinakis, Literacy Coordinator at ACS Athens. A native of ...


  3. Owlcast 15 - with Sofia Kouvelaki

    "THE PLANET DOES NOT NEED MORE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. THE PLANET DESPERATELY NEEDS MORE PEACEMAKERS, HEALERS, RESTORERS, STORYTELLERS, AND LOVERS OF ALL KINDS." The Dalai Lama has offered this call for peace and healing a few years ago, before the latest refugee crisis took hold of much of Europe but involves much ...


  4. Owlcast 14 - with Chris Perakis

    One of the staple characteristics of American schools is inclusion. Cultural inclusion, ethnic inclusion, and of course learning inclusion. It’s an attribute that defines the American educational philosophy, which is at the center of the ACS Athens mission. The values served by the school have been closely related ...


  5. Owlcast 13 - with Valeria Laitinen

    International Schools attract families from their host country, but primarily and traditionally families that are on the move. Whether it is for business purposes or just repatriation, international traveling families are making their homes around the world. Their common denominator, most of the time, is the educational standard for their ...