Owlcast 41 - 2022 Areté Awards - with Amalia Zavacopoulou

Episode 8 November 11, 2022 00:32:40
Owlcast 41 - 2022 Areté Awards - with Amalia Zavacopoulou
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 41 - 2022 Areté Awards - with Amalia Zavacopoulou

Nov 11 2022 | 00:32:40


Show Notes

12 years ago, the community of ACS Athens initiated the annual Areté Awards in order to recognize students, faculty and parents who promote Civic Responsibility through Conscious Citizenship, aiming to improve life and living on the planet. As a community that comes together to address the needs of others, we strive to promote civic responsibility and to model it for our students. And since Areté in English means virtue, our community members are always challenged to uphold a particular moral excellence, showing high ethical standards in their own life, the life of their family and their entire community.

Every year individuals are nominated for their “activities or deeds” that meet the Areté Award Criteria, which include evidences for embodying the spirit of areté and civic responsibility, demonstrating extraordinary initiative to serve others, modeling service at ACS Athens and/or in the local community, inspiring others to become involved and striving socially and ethically as healthy, responsible members of the community.

Amalia Zavacopoulou, member of the Areté Awards Committee and Division chair for social Studies at ACS Athens, spoke to the 2022 Arete Award Recipients for civic responsibility.

In this week's first part of the Areté Awards Owlcast, Ms. Zavacopoulou talks with the three student recipients.

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