Owlcast 17 - with Helen Seretis & Michael Januzzi

Episode 17 January 21, 2022 00:24:36
Owlcast 17 - with Helen Seretis & Michael Januzzi
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 17 - with Helen Seretis & Michael Januzzi

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Welcome to today's episode of the Owlcast. We have with us Helen Seretis and Michael Januzzi who are in charge of the Writing Studio in the Learning Commons of ACS Athens. The Writing Studio is just one of the services available for students, along with the Math, Research and Media Studios in the Learning Commons, which sole purpose is to enhance the learning experience of the students, by providing support, guidance and necessary resources as the school community takes learning to the next level. Today with Ms. Seretis and Mr. Januzzi we discuss:

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One of the staple characteristics of American schools is inclusion. Cultural inclusion, ethnic inclusion, and of course learning inclusion. It’s an attribute that defines the American educational philosophy, which is at the center of the ACS Athens mission. The values served by the school have been closely related to this inclusion for many many years. Since the early eighties, our guest today has offered her services to the cause of inclusion, the right to learn of every child, and assisting students with learning differences at a fundamental level. Christianna Perakis Evloyas or Ms. Perakis as everyone has called her all these years before she retired in 2019, has left her mark not only to her students, who left the school to become successful members of society, but also to the way of thinking of every teacher and the entire educational philosophy of ACS Athens. Chris Perakis continues to be involved through our Diagnostic Learning Center, advising those who assess and evaluate students, not whether they can learn, but how they can learn in a better, more meaningful, and impactful way for their lives. With Chris Perakis, we discuss: What is learning inclusion Learning Differences: What's in a term Developing lifetime friendships with your students The taboo of admitting a learning difference for your child How did 9 annual conferences change the way a community sees differentiation Can someone with learning differences be successful in life The role of the shadow teacher, and Teaching and life-long learning ...


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The community of ACS Athens has always been one with strong connections between the student and alumni communities. Every so often graduates of the school cross the gates of the campus to reminisce and go back in time. Frequently, however, distinguished and renowned alums come to witness the work and projects of the students, to inspire and mentor them and address the all too relevant concerns of adolescents as they explore their life's possibilities. Late last year, Dr. Photini Pazartzis, honored the community with her presence in order to speak to Middle School and Academy students about the United Nations and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Pazartzis is a Professor of International Law at the University of Athens and the Chair of the UN Human Rights Committee. She spoke about the foundation treaty of the UN, the three pillars, and specifically the Human Rights Committee in which she has been unanimously elected as Chair. Students were able to understand how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are linked to the three pillars. “How long have you worked in the UN?” “What made you want to work in the UN?”, “How can one begin to work in the UN?” were some of the questions that middle school students had the opportunity to ask Dr. Pazartzis, who told students that "ACS Athens is a small United Nations.” “You are very lucky to be in this school," she said, "you have people from all over the world that are your friends and will remain your friends.” With Dr. Photini Pazartzis today we discuss: From International Law to Human Rights: how does someone with academic credentials transition to civic leadership Human Rights as part of ...


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