Owlcast 25 - with Sophia Moros

Episode 25 May 06, 2022 00:23:38
Owlcast 25 - with Sophia Moros
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 25 - with Sophia Moros

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Early Childhood is a particularly significant period in the development of a child, when it grows to become an emotionally and physically healthy individual. It's admittedly the gateway to the Elementary School and its more formalised educational programs. It benefits children in unique ways, as it provides development of skills, cognitive stimulation and social integration. ACS Athens has invested heavily during the past several years on developing robust and meaningful program for children 3-5 years old, with the latest being the re-design and re-construction of an ideal environment for unstructured play, the new Early Childhood playground.

We have with us today the Principal of the Elementary School, Sophia Moros, who has been the driving force behind the transformation of the Elementary School of the past few years. In September her role changes, which she explains herself in our conversation.

With Sophia Moros, today we discuss:

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