Owlcast 13 - with Valeria Laitinen

Episode 13 December 10, 2021 00:21:17
Owlcast 13 - with Valeria Laitinen
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 13 - with Valeria Laitinen

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International Schools attract families from their host country, but primarily and traditionally families that are on the move. Whether it is for business purposes or just repatriation, international traveling families are making their homes around the world. Their common denominator, most of the time, is the educational standard for their children. There’s of course the occasional student that has gone through changes in school systems and languages. Most of the time, however, International families choose a school system that meets their children’s needs, wherever they are located or re-located. Our guest today represents such a family, who arrived at ACS Athens through the diplomatic corps route and has also been part of our community of educators since. Ms. Valeria Laitinen is our Early Childhood Coordinator this year, while she’s served as the Elementary Vice-Principal and Elementary Teacher before that.

With Ms. Laitinen we discuss:

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