Owlcast 14 - with Chris Perakis

Episode 14 December 17, 2021 00:26:45
Owlcast 14 - with Chris Perakis
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 14 - with Chris Perakis

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One of the staple characteristics of American schools is inclusion. Cultural inclusion, ethnic inclusion, and of course learning inclusion. It’s an attribute that defines the American educational philosophy, which is at the center of the ACS Athens mission.

The values served by the school have been closely related to this inclusion for many many years. Since the early eighties, our guest today has offered her services to the cause of inclusion, the right to learn of every child, and assisting students with learning differences at a fundamental level.

Christianna Perakis Evloyas or Ms. Perakis as everyone has called her all these years before she retired in 2019, has left her mark not only to her students, who left the school to become successful members of society, but also to the way of thinking of every teacher and the entire educational philosophy of ACS Athens. Chris Perakis continues to be involved through our Diagnostic Learning Center, advising those who assess and evaluate students, not whether they can learn, but how they can learn in a better, more meaningful, and impactful way for their lives.

With Chris Perakis, we discuss:

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