Owlcast 23 - with Anna Mancl

Episode 23 March 25, 2022 00:32:08
Owlcast 23 - with Anna Mancl
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 23 - with Anna Mancl

Mar 25 2022 | 00:32:08


Show Notes

Music is the universal language that inspires and evokes emotions; it is spiritual and it is the ultimate spark for the imagination.

Today's episode of the Owlcast is all about Music. Anna Mancl, Middle School and Academy Music Teacher, came to ACS Athens a year and a half ago, with her suitcases and her cello. A classically trained musician, she talks to us about her journey in life and through music.

With Ms. Mancl, today we discuss:

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