Episode 17

February 24, 2023


Owlcast 50 - with Jori Krulder

Owlcast 50 - with Jori Krulder
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 50 - with Jori Krulder

Feb 24 2023 | 00:24:07


Show Notes

We usually talk with members of the community but today, we will make a detour as we host a fellow educator who happened to be in the neighborhood, conducting research away from her own school. Jori Krulder is spending the semester in Greece doing her work in her area of research, Social Emotional Learning. Her interest in Greek theater prompted her to reach out to ACS Athens for ideas and resources, as she is planning to teach Oedipus to her classes for the first time in September. Jori is an English Teacher, and she's traveled to Greece as a Fulbright scholar. Some of our teachers, who have hosted her in their classrooms, found her approach fascinating because she applies Social Emotional Learning to teaching literature.

With Jori Krulder today, we discuss:

  • The idea of safety and the need for students to feel emotionally and physically safe to learn;
  • The effect of COVID on the learning process of children;
  • How can teacher's understanding of social-emotional learning help students overcome the effects of a crisis;
  • The role of teachers as they connect with students even outside their subject matter;
  • Motivating students by tapping into their emotions;
  • Being intentional and explicit when teaching in a socially emotional way;
  • Teaching Poetry - outside your interpretation;
  • and, When students take the lead in learning, every day is an experiment where there’s no failure.

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