Owlcast 7 - with Carla Tanas

Episode 7 October 29, 2021 00:17:03
Owlcast 7 - with Carla Tanas
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 7 - with Carla Tanas

Oct 29 2021 | 00:17:03


Show Notes

A few weeks ago, ACS Athens launched the new website of the Institute of ACS Athens. New programs new approach, new visuals, new mentality. The Institute for Innovation and Creativity evolved to the Institute of ACS Athens. It started a few years ago, but now it knocks on our door as it attempts to enter our lives under a new vision.

Carla Tanas, ACS Athens Alumna class of 1999, has returned to ACS Athens as the Dean of The Institute. A citizen of the world with deep intercultural understanding and international experience, she has lived in 3 continents, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. She declares her passion to be innovation and ecosystem building. Carla Tanas is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a TEDx advocate and organizer, as well as a member of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security - Private Sector Mechanism and Youth Council Advisory. And, now she's innovating through the Institute of ACS Athens.

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Nicholas Karambelas is a graduate of ACS Athens in the 70's who left to become a successful law professional in the U.S., but has never really left the school. His current capacity as the Chairman of the US Board of Trustees of the school, along with his love for Greece and his Greek-American identity, put him in a unique position to serve the mission and vision of the school. A third-generation Greek American, he takes pride of his emotional attachment to Greece and the intellectual approach to the Greek national issues as a Greek American. With Nick Karambelas, today we discuss: The changing profile of ACS Athens from an almost exclusively American school to a totally international school Fond memories with dear friends The role of the houses as an American school tradition Intellectual curiosity as a key quality transitioning to colleges Having an analytical mindset as a law professional His passion for history and archeology The role of the Greek American Omogeneia in shaping the American nation The 1821 revolutionary war of independence through the eyes of Omogeneia His view of ACS Athens as a member of the Board of Trustees ...


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An international school is defined mainly by the internationally minded curriculum, following the principles of international education but also by fostering a globally minded mentality in its student body and the entire community. Students by definition are international coming from different ethnicities, and nations, bringing a wealth of experiences and mindsets, looking to integrate but also to stand out. When the entire community is made of similarly international background, then you have the ultimate combination. 

Our guest today is as international as someone can get. A Greek Cypriot, Sophia Stella Soseilos was born in Germany, lived in Cyprus, studied in South Africa and moved to Greece in 1995. Sophia has a passion for teaching Art, inspiring creativity and using design thinking in her education space. 
 With Sophia Soseilos today we discuss: Confidence, imagination and patience - some of the life skills of Art education Navigating through this year’s mixed level K-12 arts exhibition The always incredible IB Art Exhibit Preparing the Portfolio in IB Art The importance of continuity in Art in K-12 education Making a life through art The wonder of immersive art Getting inspiration from everywhere Being analog in TV stage design ...


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More than 30 colleges every year, from the US, Canada, the UK and Europe, but also from around the world enter our classrooms, talk to our students and go much beyond a marketing pitch to prospective students. They see how ACS Athens students get prepared, not only academically but also socially and psychologically, for College life. It’s one thing to write a college essay, it’s quite another talking to the recruitment officer who at the end might be part of the admission decision of your application. And students really enjoy that, especially since they get to ask the questions.  Today, our guest is Dr. Stephen Soanes, Student Recruitment Officer of Warwick University. Representing one of the top 10 ranked UK schools, Dr. Soanes talks about why students choose to study at Warwick U. in field like Business Management, Economics, and Media, Film and Creative Writing.  He holds a BA, a Master and a Ph.D. in History from Warwick University, and he has represented the school since 2014. With Dr. Soanes today we discuss: Representing a university that is not set in stone… quite literally - making it easier to create new spaces Dissecting the university rankings with a forensic eye Hosting the largest student-led economic summit in Europe Studying in a university with open options Getting involved in undergraduate research Going above and beyond: it’s When you know that a student is a perfect candidate for the university Getting involved with student life, clubs, and sports The importance of taking the initiative to seek support as a freshman Offering 250 scholarships for EU students: the positive side effect of Brexit   Dr. Soanes’ 2 ...