Owlcast 6 - Alumni Edition - with Steve Sinunu

Episode 6 October 27, 2021 00:20:33
Owlcast 6 - Alumni Edition - with Steve Sinunu
ACS Athens Owlcast
Owlcast 6 - Alumni Edition - with Steve Sinunu

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With us today is Steve Sinunu the President and CEO of EnvironX Solutions; an expert on peat fires, Steve has traveled the world to research, train, and fight underground fires. Steve’s global travel has included keynote addresses in South America for the largest Forestry Companies and Asian Fire and Rescue schools. In 2011, when devastating fires ravaged central Texas, he donated thousands of dollars worth of products to the threatened areas, shuttling donated goods from EnvironX North Texas Headquarters and personally assisting in coating threatened homes with the proprietary fire suppressant.

Steve is an ACS Athens Alum, who along with his brothers, came through ACS Athens in the late '70s and early '80s. His family's journey brought him to school until he finished 8th grade before he moved back to the US. He stopped by the campus a few days ago to reminisce and trace his path on the memory lane of those years, after leaving Athens in the early '80s.

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